Arcade Shorthands

I will use arcade shorthands in this FAQ to represent various commands/attacks
in the game, as they are much easier to write. So please read them over before
reading the move lists, or asking any question on the boards.

2 = Down
4 = Left
6 = Right
8 = Up

a = Main Weapon (Square)
b = Melee (Triangle)
c = Jump (X) 
cc = Boost Dash or "BD" (Double tap X)
d = Search (Circle)

CSa = Charge Shot (Main Weapon) (Hold Square)
CSb = Charge Shot (Melee) (Hold Triangle)
MCSa = Multi Charge Shot (Main Weapon)
MCSb = Multi Charge Shot (Melee)
ab = Sub Weapon (R1)
ac = Special Shooting (L2)
bc = Special Melee (R2)
abc = EX Burst (R3)

nb, b = Neutral melee (Triangle)
4/6b = Side melee (Left or Right + Triangle)
8b = Forward melee (Up + Triangle)
2b = Back melee (Down + Triangle)
cc8b = BD melee (X, X, Up + Triangle)

MA a = Main weapon in MA mode
MA b = Melee in MA mode (unless mentioned otherwise, MA b is the same as nb)

dir = Any direction


8ab = Up + Subweapon
4/6b = Left or Right melee

There are also a combination of input for combos, let me give an example:


The above command indicates that you should execute Neutral Melee, then press
the melee button two more times to complete the combo.


The above command indicates that you should exceute special melee, then mash
the b button. (Usually to increase the amount of damage dealt)


The above command indicates that you should execute Side Melee, press the
melee button once, followed by a forward melee to complete the combo. This type
of combo (identified with the -) is called origination. You can find more
details on originations in the terms section.