These Youtube videos explain many of the basic and special techniques of the game:Edit

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Quickly hit down then up on your D-pad or Analog to block. Hold the up direction if you wish to block longer. Blocking consumes boost.

Blocking makes your unit invincible from frontal attacks.

Boost DashEdit

Double tap the X button to initiate a boost dash.

You can control the direction of the boost dash with the D-pad or Left Analog stick. You can also hold down the X button or a direction to maintain the boost.

Note that enemy weapons and attacks with tracking features can still track you when you are boosting.

Boost Dash CancelEdit

Perform a boost dash (double tap X) to cancel out of an action.

This is useful when you are performing an action that leaves you vulnerable/immobile and wish to cancel out of it before the action is complete.

Tip: You can greatly increase the firing rate of most beam rifles by combining shooting and boost dash actions. Simply shoot your rifle, boost dash, shoot, boost dash, and shoot again. (Ex: Square, X, X, Square, X, X, Square)

Rainbow Step CancelEdit

This can only be done during a melee attack animation.

When melee attacking an enemy, double tap a D-pad or Analog direction. Your unit will "step" out of the action before it is complete. You can do this repeatedly until you are out of boost.

A rainbow color effect will come out of your Mobile Suit as you perform this.

(Does Rainbow Step cancel enemy tracking?)


Some units can transform into a Mobile Armor (ex: Zeta Gundam) or ride a transport vehicle (ex: Hyaku Shiki).

To transform, press and hold X then double press a direction on the D-pad or analog, and hold the second press. You can release X at this point and still maintain your transformation. Hit X again to gain altitude.